Amazing Tomatoes and Locally grown and crafted organic foods for Kansas City and those willing to travel

-   ABOUT US  -

Thank you for your interest in what we do.  We are a small organic farm on the outskirts of Kansas City.  We grow heritage tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, artisan squash, melons, watermelons, eggplant, corn, artisan pole beans, and okra.  We specialize in heirloom / heritage and unique varieties. 

Last year we planted 7000 tomato plants of around 300 varieties, 12000 cucumber vines, 1000 pole beans,  3500 hot and sweet peppers and chilies of 100 + varieties, 100 squash / zucchini, and a few different okra varieties.  This year, we will be growing according to our pre-orders (CSA's) only. 


Currently, our only direct retail outlet is at McGonigles (79th and Ward Parkway).  Our product will be available in their store.  The heirloom tomatoes will be located in front of the meat counter and our packaged products such as Salsa and Pickles will be displayed in the refrigerated section across from the deli.

Everything we use for fertilizer and pesticide is organic and natural.

We are in the process of building a facility to host Farm to Table suppers.  Look for that possibly in late season 2018.

Farm Description:

Cobinsteinz Farm is an organic vegetable farm that focuses on sustainable practices and growing methods with an emphasis on heirloom and unique varieties. Established in 1996 as a pickle company, we were the first to introduce multiple varieties of heirloom tomatoes (exclusively) to the Kansas City area and bring them to market in 2005.
Our small garden is packed with more than 15,000 plants consisting of hundreds of varieties. Some are direct seed and some are transplants that we start from seed in our own facilities. Through the years, we have grown more than 1200 varieties of tomatoes and each year we “test” 20 to 40 more. Sensibly, we settled on our 200 favorites that we try to keep available each year and we bring back a few past varieties each year too. We have managed to stabilize around 60 of our own varieties and they will all be included for 2017.  All combined, we will have around 300 varieties to choose from varying in ALL sizes, colors, and shapes totaling over 7000 tomato plants. We believe that quality is more important than quantity so we are not particularly fans of hybrid tomatoes but we still grow a few for specific customers. We will have more than 100 varieties of hot, sweet, and mild chilies and peppers making up around 2500 plants. We will have more than 20 varieties of squash and small melons, not to mention a few thousand string beans of numerous varieties.

Okra is making a big come-back, so we will be planting around 1600 plants this year as we only grew 800 last year and sold out every week. To round us out, we will grow around 12000 cucumber vines to keep up with and hopefully sustain the growing demand for our cold packed pickles. If we have any cucumbers left over, we might even try to make some fresh pack pickles for long-term use.

We also make fresh salsa of the green and red types and we had a wonderful response to our guacamole for last year’s premier so it will be back too. If time allows, we hope to introduce another product or two for ready-to-eat enjoyment.

Over the winter, we built and finished a chicken coop and will have around 30 chickens by end of summer and perhaps an emu. If they are prolific, we will have eggs available. If they are not, we will have soup available.
We are in the process of re-purposing our cellar into a small mushroom farm and hope to introduce a few new varieties to the public along with some old favorites… but not buttons. WE love mushrooms so if there are any left, they too will be available publicly.

The farm is managed and operated by me, John Cobine, and my wife, Sara, helps tell me what to do and where to go otherwise.  My daughter, Rachel, likes to help and eat more than help but she does help… (eat)… well. Dallas, the Dachshund/mini-pin mix and Peppers, the farm cat help with the vermin while Eleanor, the mastiff puppy, likes to destroy everything, dig holes, and must always have something in her mouth. Henry and Bella were born in November of 2016 and are Dallas's kids/gremlins.  For Rachel's birthday last year, we found 3 beautiful Alpaca's named Tina Turner, her son Phil Collins, and Fergie.

In the big effort to get all the plants in the ground every spring, we allow volunteers to help and usually hire a couple college students to work over the summer. Together, somehow, we manage to grow a bunch of stuff that tastes really good and we even have fun doing it.  

What makes our farm unique? Most would say all the different varieties we grow and the quality of the produce! We often get asked what we are doing different than the other farmers because everyone exclaims that our tomatoes have that "true tomato flavor". Between all the products, we will have over 410 varieties. Over 3000 tomatoes will make a new smile each week as they come in. We know it would be easier to use a greenhouse but we still grow in an open field because flavor and nutrients are given the most value. We irrigate with a drip irrigation system and organically fertilize on a regular schedule and that keeps the stuff juicy, rich, and delicious. Our growing and planting methods really help us extend the season and this is really challenging considering that we grow outside in an open field.

Specialty Items:heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, okra, melons, artisan squash, salsa, pickles.

Where to buy?: McGonigles on 79th and Ward Parkway -  You can also find our goods inside, in front of the meat counter and in the deli. 

CSA Distribution Info: (MORE INFO TO COME _ PLEASE MESSAGE US WITH QUESTIONS) 2 Pick Up locations - McGonigles at 79th and Ward Parkway and Gaslight Grill on Wednesdays at 135th and Nall in Overland Park.

CSA Share Structure: We have several options for CSA - Starting at about $24 per week.

We also have options for Work Place and Organizations such as churches for group deliveries with a minimum order of only 5 deliveries to each location per week.

CSA: What can shareholders expect in their share?:Summer - Amazing Tomatoes (300 varieties) including Beefsteak Varieties, oblongs, mini oblongs, cherry, Small and medium sized ranging from Bi-Color, striped, green, pink, red, black, and gold! Delicious crunchy small cucumbers, Loads of sweet peppers and and few hot peppers now and then, Tender Okra, String Beans of many colors flat and round, long and short, dozens of varieties of artisan squash, Homemade Salsa, Pickles, and guacamole. We have even came out with a line of hot sauces that are sure to please!

Thank you for taking a minute to learn about us!