Cobinsteinz Supported Agriculture

Offerings include 3 choices of "main/full" season.
Expected start time is late June to early July depending on growing conditions and production. Typically, the season will go for 16 weeks.  If we are fortunate enough to have an extended season, we will make  an announcement and give you the opportunity to continue on a per week basis. 
What is a CSA?  In most instances, it means Community Supported Agriculture... which means the eater (you) makes a pledge to support their local grower(s) by committing to a weekly share of the grower's production.  In turn, the grower (us) commits to providing a high quality, weekly share of hand picked, locally grown, premium products.  Your commitment ensures success and stability of the farmer by helping them know what to grow, how much to grow, and the security that they are going to see revenue for their efforts.  As a grower, this is extremely valuable and appreciated since we cant depend on the weather and other outside elements.  Because of this mutual commitment we always try to give more value than the dollar pledged to show our gratitude while also ensuring that our supporters get "first pick" on everything we grow and make!
In our example, we do not CoOp or buy from anyone else to include items in your share. We grow everything ourselves to ensure the quality and standards one has come to expect from Cobinsteinz Farm.  Tomatoes are the staple of all our CSA options and every week, we include additional items that you, your family, and friends are sure to enjoy.  This year, we are going to include some recipes and "how to's" of different things to make with our products... the fresh picked and packaged items.  A few recipes on the coming menu are Cobinsteinz Chicken Enchiladas, Magnificent Meatloaf, Cream Cheese with minced pickled pepper spread, Pork Chop Sizzlers,  Roasted Garlic (to use with your own Italian dipping service), Seared fresh pepper delicacy, pasta sauce, Mexican red sauce, garlic roasted tomato marinade, and numerous more.  Sara will be making her velvety, gooey top zucchini bread, and there will be various tips on how to use different types of tomatoes and ways to serve them fresh!  We hope you enjoy our efforts as much as we enjoy making them.
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