Half Share Option

For this program commitment, you will get the best of what Cobinsteinz has to offer, including but not limited to, hundreds of varieties of tomatoes and peppers, 3 different kinds of salsa's, specialty dips such as guacamole, hot sauces, 4 different kinds of pickles, specialty sauces, heirloom okra, heirloom squash, cucumbers, herbs, potatoes, and much more.  

A typical assortment will include 1 to 2 lbs of tomatoes, a couple of our specialty items made in our certified kitchen, a handful of sweet peppers and cucumbers, garlic, greens, carrots, radishes, and a pinch of whatever else is coming in at the time. With so many varieties, shapes, sizes, and flavors, it will be really difficult to get your fill... and by the time the harvest is over, next years harvest couldn't come soon enough.

Treat yourself or dazzle the tastebuds of your friends and family... you are in for a treat and we are so glad to provide!  

Main Season CSA (Half Share) 24*16

  • Monday McGonigles Pickup 9am to 6pm (79th and Ward Parkway)

    Wednesday Pick-Up - Gaslight Grill (135th and Nall) between 10:45am and 11:45am 5020 W 137th St, Overland Park, KS 66224

    Wednesday Evening Pick-Up - Farm (255th & HW169) 6 to 9pm - 24216 W. 265th Street, Hillsdale, KS 66071

    Thursday Evening - Pick-Up - Farm (255th & HW169) 4pm to 9pm - 24216 W. 265th Street, Hillsdale, KS 66071

    Saturday/Sunday Pick-Up - McGonigles Market (79th and Ward Parkway)1307 W 79 St, Kansas City, MO 64114Saturday between 10am and 6pm - Sunday Between 11am and 5pm

    Thursday - Direct Delivery - Provide delivery address in comments - $19 delivery charge per location.